What is a podiatrist?

a podiatrist is a paramedical professional foot health specialist. Its role is to prevent and advise on the level of footwear, foot hygiene and health education. For this, it exercises two complementary activities: pedicure and podology. The podologist treats all epidermal and unegueal affections (Cors, Plantar Warts, Incarnated Nails, Difficulties in Walking ...) Through Preventive Care. It also manufactures tailor-made orthopedic soles to treat the pains associated with foot pathology. These foot specialists are today 11,700 (approximately) in France.


POM d'api: partner of French podologists

At POM d'api, we know that everything is played from the first steps. We make every effort to get an ideal footwear for small feet. That's why we work in exclusive partnership with French podologists, grouped in The UFSP. The French Union for Foothand (UFSP) is the association that informs the general public in terms of podology: prevention, advice and screening for foot health. To learn more about our partnership, we invite you to consult our dedicated page:Podiatrist.




The importance of the first-step footwear

SHEAR AND EXPERT first steps, POM d'api accompanies the march of children since 1870. In order to give them the best for the learning of the march, we decided to work in partnership with the UFSP for the development of the first-step range. Thus, our models recommended by the podologists were examined by a committee of the UFSP following a precise list of more than 20 specific technical characteristics. They bring together all the necessary elements for the good foot development: qualitative materials, liners, high rod with lacing, foothills, hard ends, flexible sole, mounting technique ...

A child well shown, it's a child who is ready to take big steps in life!

Discover our models recommended by the UFSP: Our selection


November 04, 2021