Brand : POM D'API

PAPY stand-up

Nubuck Blue

89,00 €
Shoe size

Foot length: NORMAL

Foot width: NORMAL

This sandal First-steps is presented in a navy blue nubuck leather version. Light and equipped with a rubber sole, this shoe is designed with quality materials for the right development of the foot. An anti-twist reinforcement placed at the back of the shoe provides optimal support and stability, while providing flexibility at the front of the foot. It easily adjusts to the ankles thanks to its ankle adjustable loop.

Composition & Informations complémentaires :

- Première de propreté 100% textiles
- Doublure 100% leather
- Tige en 100% leather
- Semelle en RUBBER
- Ref : Q1AGEL0401

Support your child's first steps as best as possible

●︎ Let him take his time to develop his walking skills. Each child learns to walk at his own pace. Only when he has gained enough confidence and confidence will he be able to start standing and walking.

●︎ Let barefoot as much as possible inside the house. This will allow him to better feel the ground, its unevenness, to perfect his balance and develop his proprioception.

●︎ Choose good first-step shoes. First-step shoes must be comfortable and flexible enough so that your child does not have any problems learning to walk. Even minimal discomfort can cause imbalance, malformation, problems with walking, with support or even cause a fall. 


The Anti-twist© system

The sole of the Stand Up boot, made of rubber, contains a shank. Located at the heel, this reinforcement prevents any risk of twisting of the ankle and instep thanks to a patented Anti-twist© system.

This localized support then makes it possible to make the front of the sole very flexible, and promotes the good development of the child's foot. This makes the Stand Up ankle boot the ideal shoe for this important first step.