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First walking shoes

First steps Newflex
The stiffener must be stiff enough to handle the ankle

Specific needs

On average, babies will take their first steps between the age of 10 – 15 months. As soon as baby can stand up it is essential he/she wears shoes designed for babies feet. A good shoe must answer to different features. It has to be high and rigid enough at the back to provide a good support and also needs to be light and have a non-slip soft sole for your baby's comfort.

This design structure follows the natural formation of the foot arch and allows your child's feet to grow correctly. In the shops, the staff will give you precise advising to ensure a correct fit and help choosing the most appropriate shoes for your baby's feet. In the « first walking shoes » range your will find the timeless models of the brand Nioupi, Newflex and Tic tac.

Technical characteristics

The upper must always be in quality leather for the smoothness of the shoe therefore to assure comfort of the foot. A quality leather « breathes ». That is why we always grant great importance to the choice of the leather. The inside sole ( named « Whole length sock ») and the inside lining must also be in leather to absorbe the perspiration of the foot. The outside sole must be smooth and non-slipping. Our models are mounted on rubber soles, an essential quality to children needs.

Conversely, the stiffener disposed between the lining and the oustide leather, must be stiff enough to handle the ankle. Finally, the toe cap of the front of the shoe must be round to leave enough space for the toes. A semi rigid tip is placed between the shoe upper and the lining so that the end of the shoe does not flattened and block the toes.

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