Yvon and Guy Rautureau

The legacy of a passion.

Pom d'Api is the story of a precious heritage passed down from generation to generation.

Guy and Yvon, before confidently handing over the reins to the Shoemakers group, themselves learned the trade from their father. Their passion and know-how have made it possible to shine the children's shoe brand on an international scale, creating a family legacy that endures.

A family story...

Today, history continues to be written with the Shoemakers group. When we ask the two founders how they see the brand and the group today? When we ask Guy & Yvon about the beginnings of Pom d'Api, they quickly tell us about their childhood memories surrounded by their father and their grandfather, both shoemakers.

The small family business specializes in high-end shoes, initially in men's sandals. The two brothers learned the trade very early alongside their father, at La Gaubretière in Vendée, in a small workshop located just behind their house.

"During our school holidays, we worked in the workshop to help our parents, from around 11 years old: gluing, stitching, etc.... We had the desire and we learned the trade with our family"  emphasizes Yvon Rautureau.

"When we arrived in the 70s, Yvon and I had two different, complementary backgrounds: a technical background and my brother, a more commercial background." Guy Rautureau

The passion for a profession...

"The hand plays a lot. The shapes, the thickness of the soles, it's a lot of things that come into play, the desire to do, to change things." Guy Rautureau

It was in the 1970s that the two brothers in turn joined the family business. They then decided to create the brand Pom d'Api, specializing in children.
When we asked them how they created the brand, they explained to us that they wanted "to do things differently from others ..."

While there are already more than 750 shoe manufacturers in France, Guy and Yvon want to bring a different vision to fashion child, a more offbeat vision that will make young and old laugh. You have to find the key to stand out..

Shake up the codes...

"Other brands generally made very tight, sober navy blue booties. We then decided to take the opposite approach by offering soft first steps and laughter as a guide for our models " Guy Rautureau

The Rautureau brothers therefore choose to laugh with drawing and create models inspired by adult trends to transpose them into more children's fashion. They have fun with shapes, colors, and allow themselves to cultivate this difference which will allow Pom d'Api to quickly become known and lay the foundations of its notoriety.

A story that continues to be written...

"If Pom d'Api lasts, it's because it's a brand with a history." Guy Rautureau

The two brothers brought fashion, creativity and colors to the children's market. "Today, there are mothers and even grandmothers who have worn Pom d'Api. The brand has spanned two generations." Yvon Rautureau.

And when we ask them how they see the brand today?

"Very proud and very happy. The Shoemakers company is friendly. When we come here we are very happy to see that everyone is smiling. There is a great atmosphere and the people are passionate and creative. And that is a great pleasure! Everyone has eyes that shine and we feel the desire to do beautiful things." Guy and Yvon Rautureau