Our desire to reduce our impact on the environment is constantly pushing us to seek alternatives to the leather industry, more respectful of our planet.

We have therefore developed two innovative materials, allowing you to offer the best to your children.

Microfiber with corn:

Obtained from a mixture of corn fiber and polyester from textile waste recycling, the microfiber used is the result of an environmentally friendly manufacturing process, with a minimum of CO2 emissions. The Oeko Tex 100 Label certifies, through an independent laboratory, that this material is ecological and does not contain a harmful agent for health. Hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, it is also 100% breathable and offers an absorption capacity superior to that of leather.

Apple Skin:

The first child shoe in AppleSkin recycled material. Made in Italy, this material comes from the apple-based product processing industry. The waste is collected and assembled to recycled and biological materials to form a single fiber : AppleSkin.