The ideal shoe for the first steps...

Developed in 2021, Zeus Derby is a first-step shoe perfectly adapted to the needs and feet of children.

Why choose ZEUS DERBY?

Zeus Derby has all the necessary characteristics which meet the many criteria for the good development of the child's foot.

Its particularity? It has a fit suitable for thin feet.

What size should you choose for your child?

Zeus Derby fits small feet ranging from 18 to 25. To find out their exact size:

1- Print the pedometer below at 100% scale

2- After having cut out the shape of the pedometer, place it against a wall

3- Mark the end of the foot using a pencil

4- Interpret the result by selecting the larger of the two sizes between which the measurement line is located

Each season, Zeus Derby is available in several colors and materials to suit all styles, and for little girls and boys alike. For our fall-winter 2023 collection, this model is offered in three versions: