Mousse Racing
Mousse Racing
Mousse Racing
Mousse Racing
Mousse Racing

Mousse Racing

Leather Velvet Grey

89,00 €
Mousse Racing is a first-step sneaker from our Athlet’s collection, shown here in suede leather and gray nylon yoke. Lightweight and with a flexible sole for the smooth running of the foot, it has a high shank for good ankle support. Easily adjustable thanks to its lacing and interior zip, it will adjust to both thin and stronger ankles.
  • Leather rod
  • first leather
  • leather lining
  • rubber sole

Recommended by UFSP

We work in exclusive partnership with French podiatrists, grouped within the French Union of Foot Health, to develop our range of shoes .first-step.

Our models recommended by foot health professionals and have all the technical characteristics necessary for the proper development of the child's foot.

Our recommended shoes were reviewed by an UFSP committee, following a precise list of more than twenty specific technical characteristics. Materials and linings, stem height, buttresses, hard tips, soles, assembly technique are all elements to consider: a quality shoe is a set that results from know-how.

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