“Childhood memories & moments of happiness”

A photo, a song, a perfume…

you are transported between childhood memories and moments of happiness.
This season, Clémence invites you to share her moments “ » in the heart of the
family home.

It is with a lot of emotion and a touch of nostalgia that this little
lady tells you about her childhood, full of elegance.

One, two, three …MEMORIES!

Every week, follow Clémence's adventures on the account
Instagram @clotaire.paris

New colorful versions

Each season, Clotaire reinvents its models
with new colors. For this
Spring-Summer collection, the first-step models
are available in a palette of pastel and
vitamin colors.

Zeus Derby, developed in partnership with podiatrists

Since 2018, Clotaire has worked in exclusive partnership
with French podiatrists grouped
within the UFSP to develop its
Zeus Derby model. This shoe has all the
necessary characteristics and meets a
list of more than 20 criteria for the proper
development of the child's foot.
This season, the new versions of Zeus
Derby are available in colors and two materials.

<tc>Clotaire</tc>, at the heart of elegance.

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