Shoe makers since 1870

From generation to generation, we design and manufacture quality shoes for children. More than a century of experience and tradition allows us to know the importance of precise fitting, and to pay particular attention to every detail of the manufacturing process. An incessant search to offer, each season, products of the best quality. Know-how acquired and transmitted over time.

From generation to generation

The story begins in 1870 when Jean-Baptiste Rautureau, artisan bootmaker, created a shoemaking workshop in the village of La Gaubretière in Vendée. A legacy that he will pass on to his son and grandson who will take turns taking over the family workshop. Almost a hundred years later, the great-grandchildren, Guy and Yvon Rautureau, joined the company which then bore the name ERG for Etablissement Rautureau Gaubretière.

With the know-how necessary for making quality shoes for men, ERG was already developing small collections of shoes for children, made with the same standards in the family workshop. Models made exclusively from noble materials whose lines will last through the decades.

Since the Oscar for creativity

In 1973, Yvon and Guy Rautureau decided to develop the children's range to fully express their creativity. This is how Pom d'Api was born. A round and cheerful name, like the brand, a reference to the famous French nursery rhyme "Pomme de reinette et pomme d'api". The apple then becomes the common label for their creations for children.

The brand is immediately recognized by shoe professionals for its quality and the originality of its models. In 1976, Pom d'Api received the Oscar for Creativity in Milan. Retailers and the general public then discovered the innovative and poetic accent of the apple brand's collections. Very quickly, Pom d'Api acquired a reputation in France and internationally. The first boutique opened its doors in the center of Paris in the early 1980s. New models entered the collection each season, without ever losing a hint of creativity. New stores are setting up in the capital and in the Province as well as abroad. Pom d'Api has become a reference in the world of children's shoes.

From Paris to New York, via Florence, London, Copenhagen or Tokyo


In order to take advantage of the know-how and creative spirit of our group, we have decided to offer new ranges of products with complementary positioning. A clearer and more homogeneous offer to allow you to easily identify each of our brands according to your needs and expectations. This is how Ten Is was born in 2011, then Shoo Pom and Adolie in 2012. More recently, we welcomed the brand Clotaire, whose values ​​we share, and to which we bring our artisan know-how - bootmaker.

Drawing the foundations of our collections from our heritage, we continue to innovate, combining quality and creativity in the design and manufacturing of children's shoes. The brand has its own design office in which pattern makers and pattern makers work to develop new models using the know-how passed down from previous generations. Contemporary, elegant and creative collections. Pom d'Api has a network of more than fifteen stores, in which advice and expertise specific to all of our brands are provided. Models are also available from selected retailers worldwide. From Paris to New York, via Florence, London, Copenhagen or Tokyo.