The group

Shoemakers is the name of the entity which brings together four other brands of children's shoes around Pom d'Api. With more than a century of experience and tradition, a relentless search to offer the best quality products season after season, Shoemakers has grown over time. Passion for the profession and creativity make it today one of the last French manufacturers of children's shoes and one of the first brands of international notoriety in this field.

At Chambretaud, in Vendée, the group has its own design office in which pattern makers and pattern makers work to develop new models using the know-how passed down from previous generations. Colors and materials are studied according to trends and trends. Soles, closures, linings and accessories are carefully chosen for their functionality, quality and modernity. Each season, nearly 100 new models are designed by the Shoemakers design office, 50% of which will be selected to enrich the collections.

All stages of the manufacturing process are carried out by internal teams: Leather supply, prototype manufacturing in the Chambretaud workshop, shoe production in our factory in Tunisia . The pattern makers follow the manufacturing of their model until they are put into the box.

The group's brands are present in numerous retailers and offered through a network of Pom d'Api boutiques, in France and internationally, from Paris to Moscow, via Antwerp, London, Copenhagen, New York and Beirut.