E-Gift Card Pom D'Api

20,00 €


How does it work ?

The Pom D'Api Gift Card can only be used on our website for all types of purchases, alone or in addition to another payment method.

The use of gift cards in Pom D'Api stores will be available for summer 2022.

How do I use it ?

On pomdapi.fr : Enter the 16-digit code found on your card in the email you received, and paste this code in the "Gift card or discount code" space on the payment page.


- Your card is valid for 1 year on pomdapi.fr from the date of purchase.
- If the amount available on your card is not enough to pay the total of your purchases, you can complete by another means of payment.
- The balance available on the card can be used for future purchases and can be viewed at any time on this page.