Sandals to enjoy sunny days

sandales strap

Each Spring-Summer collection, our company proposes a range of iconic sandals : the Strap. Sandals which fit as well girls and boys. The Plagette Strap, first model of the range, invited itself in the summer collections since the beginning of Pom d’Api.


The Liberty : the cult print of spring

printemps liberty

The story begins in 1875 when Arthur Lasenby Liberty, a passionate of colors and of products from Asia, opens his own store of tissues in Regent Street, in London. He calls it « Liberty of London » and sells there all kinds of goods from the Far East. 


April 13, 2022

Our tips to choose ceremony shoes

chaussures ceremonies

Find THE pair of shoes which complet your child’s outfit for a wedding, a baptism or a communion, a real headache, isn’t it ? For special occasions, your child’s shoes have to be stylish but also comfortable at the same time.


March 30, 2022

The Arch of the Foot : Essential Element For Our Walk

voute plantaire

This part of our foot, called foot arch, is composed of a bone structure supported by osteoarticular, ligamentary and muscular elements of the foot. Let’s take together the time to discover its usefulness and the wise advice of our experts to accompany at best the walk of your child. 

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March 03, 2022

The Pom d’Api gift card, the certainty to please !

carte cadeau

Difficult to always find a gift for your relatives…  A little help ? The gift card ! A simple solution to be sure to please. It leaves the field open to a wide choice for the lucky one. Whether it is for a birth, a birthday or a ceremony, all occasions are good to offer a gift card.


January 25, 2022

Clotaire, the brand of stylish and cult leather shoes


In playgrounds, on Sunday or for a celebration ! Clotaire takes part in all outings. Our models are timeless but also elegant. Most often unisex, and declined in a palette of sliced and daring colors so that children want to leave their sneakers from time to time. Furthermore, our first-steps shoes, at the core of the Clotaire collection, have a specific thin fitting, developed to meet the child’s needs.


December 21, 2021

Sneakers For A Daily Comfort Assured


Timeless and above all comfortable, the sneaker is a singular shoe which accompanies children in their everyday lives. Originally, sneakers are models reserved to sports practice. Over time, those models have become trendy and have gradually taken their place in our collections. Light ad equipped with a rubber sole for the good rolling of the foot.


December 03, 2021

Fur-Lined Shoes To Face The Winter Season


Equipped with a fur lining, the fur-lined are essential models to go through winter. All our children ranges have their small fur-lined : slippers for newborns, first-steps, sneakers and ankle boots.
At Pom d’Api, the fur-lined shoes and boots are lined in extra-soft hypoallergenic and antimicrobial textile to keep the feet warm while letting them breathe. 


November 19, 2021

Pom d'Api : partner of the French Union for Foot Health


A podiatrist is a paramedical professional specialized in foot health. Its role is to prevent and advise on the level of footwear, foot hygiene and health education. For this, it exercises two complementary activities : pedicure and podiatry. The podiatrist treats all epidermal and ungual affections (cors, plantar warts, ingrown toenails, difficulties in walking ...) through preventive cares.


November 04, 2021

Pom d'Api, details that make the difference ...

Details API POM

We are drawing and manufacturing quality children's shoes since 1870. A know-how transmitted from generation to generation. From first sketches until finishing, a model requires more than 200 steps of different achievements.

Behind each model Pom d'Api, there are long hours of work, of drawing, of adjustments...

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October 20, 2021

New first-steps line : Stand Up

Stand up new line first-step

Stand up is a first-step shoe with laces. Lightweight and with a genuine rubber sole, a reinforcement placed at the back of the shoe ensures optimal maintaining and stability, while offering flexibility at the front of the foot.

Its sole, composed of genuine rubber, contains a shank.


October 20, 2021

The first child shoe in Appleskin recycled material

An apple child shoe

Resulting from apple residues, Appleskin is the eco-responsible alternative to leather. Made in Italy, this material comes from the apple-based products processing industry. The residues are collected and assembled to recycled and biological materials to form this single fiber : Appleskin.


October 19, 2021