Ideally, we recommend not using the same pair of shoes several days in a row. Wearing shoes in alternation allows the leather to breathe, which will extend its longevity.

Also, when the insoles are removable, we recommend taking them out of the shoe every evening to air them out and sanitize the shoe. This will help prevent possible discomfort due to perspiration.

Leather is a noble, living material that needs to be cared for to retain its suppleness and achieve a beautiful patina over time.

Here are a few tips on how to care for your child's shoes.

Leather care

It is recommended to dust the shoe with a cloth or a soft brush to prepare the maintenance.

Next, apply a beeswax cream polish in the color of the leather to protect and shine, using a soft cotton cloth in a circular motion. The wax will nourish and soften the leather. Let it rest and then polish. If the material is grated or depigmented, re-dye the leather with re-dyeing creams.

Care of suede and nubuck leather

As for smooth leather, it is advisable to dust the shoe beforehand, this time using a natural crepe brush or a specific rubber. This will also remove surface stains.

You can then clean the shoe with a little soapy water or a cleaning foam. Let it dry in the open air. Suede leather is sensitive to water and humidity, so you should use a waterproofing spray after cleaning.

What to do in case of stains?

Here is a list below to help you in case your pair of shoes gets stained.

Encre normale Lait écrémé chaud ou jus de citron
Encre épaisse Alcool à 90°
Encre feutre Eau et jus de citron
Café Eau légérement ammoniaqué
Rouge à lèvres Éther
Sang Eau bien froide avec un peu de vinaigre
Graisse Eau Savonneuse, terre de sommières, séchage, brosse
Cambouis Retirez le cambouis en surface, mettre du beurre sans l'étaler, appliquer de la pâte contre les tâches de graisse, laisser sécher puis brosser.
Colle sèche Frottez avec un morceau de gomme crêpe