The Glossary

Bout-hard: Rigid reinforcement placed at the front of the shoe, between the stem and the liner, to protect the toes of the shocks and keep shape.

Footwear: Set of the features of a shoe that allow it to dress properly and comfortably the foot.

Buttress: Semi-rigid reinforcement placed on the back of the shoe, between the stem and lining, to maintain the heel.

Derby: "Open" lacing shoes, the guarantors are sewn on the upper.

Lining: Inner dressing of the shoe, in contact with the foot.

Upper: Front part of the stem, covering the kick and the tip of the shoe.

Form : Wooden or plastic mold, representing the volume of the foot, used for the manufacture of the shoe.

Guarantors: Reported pieces on which the eyelets are, or other closing mode.

Assembly : Action which consists in positioning the rod perfectly on the form in order to assemble it.

Nubuck: Leather whose surface has been finely sanded to obtain a soft and velvety appearance.

TARNING: Technique that consists of refining the thickness of the leather to give it more flexibility.

Full grain: Leather having kept its upper surface intact. Its properties are exceptional.

First: Insole of the shoe.

Neighborhoods: Parts of the rod that envelop the heel and rise up to lacing.

Richelieu: "Closed" lacing shoes, neighborhoods are sewn under the upper.

Stem: Set of parts that form the upper part of the shoe.

Velvet: Inornst part of finely sanded leather to have a soft and velvety appearance.