Our Pom d’Api first-steps

Since 2018, Pom d’Api works in exclusive partnership with the french podiatrists gathered within the UFSP (French Union for Foot Health) to develop models adapted to your children’s first steps.

Discover in video all the features of our Stand Up first-steps boot :

The features of an ideal fitting

The Stand Up Boot

Accredited by the foot health professionals, Stand Up boot owns all the necessary features and meets a list of more than 20 criteria for the child’s foot healthy development.

A flexible first-steps, right on the spot !

The Anti-twist© system

The Stand Up boot’s sole, made of real rubber, contains a shank. Located at the heel, this reinforcement prevents any risk of ankle or instep twisting thanks to a patented Anti-Twist© system.

This localized maintaining allows then to make the front of the sole very flexible, and promotes the healthy development of the child’s foot. This makes the Stand Up boot the ideal shoe for this significant phase of the first steps.

The first children’s shoe in AppleSkin TM

An apple shoe

Based on apples’ residues, AppleSkin TM is the ecological alternative to leather.

Manufactured in Italy, this material comes from the industry processing apple products. The waste is recovered and joined to recycled and biological materials in order to form this unique fiber : AppleSkin TM.

Flexibility, resistance, breathability : this material keeps all the advantageous properties of a leather, while protecting the environment.

In partnership with the podiatrists

Our other models recommended by the UFSP

Flex-Up Boot

This new boot offers a wider fitting : the shape board as well as the sole have been enlarged. A cap has also been added on the front of the shoe and allows not to deteriorate the tip of the shoes.

Small sizes sneakers

Our Mousse Zip Clay, Mousse Zip Top and Mousse Zip Trek are sneakers recommended by the podiatrists because they own a lacing which ensures a good support of the ankle and of the instep as well as an inner zip which facilitates the insertion and the removal of the foot.