Ten Is set the course

Embark, explore and venture out to discover the immensity.
Transported on the rhythm of the waves, children tell themselves stories they are the heroes of.
Vibrate for the timeless and colorful models of the Ten Is Spring-Summer collection 2023.


As an alternative to leather, our products are equipped with an insole in hypoallergenic microfiber made from corn. All these models are lined in organic cotton.

The microfiber made from corn that is used is the result of an eco-friendly manufacturing process. Hypoallergenic, it is also 100% breathable, with an absorption capacity much higher than that of leather.

The Oeko Tex 100 label certifies that this fabric is eco-responsible and contains no agent harmful to health.

This season, colors mix with each other, play and sublimate with the right tones. Each shade reveals a well-established personality.

Prints give the children the freedom to express their personality and their emotions.