Choose first-steps shoes

Since 2018, we work in exclusive partnership with the french podiatrists gathered within the UFSP (French Union for Foot Health).

Shoemaker and expert of the small feet for almost 50 years, we are dedicated to develop ranges of first-steps shoes offering all the quality, the safety, and the wellness, your children need to evolve. Our models, which are developped within our own design-office, are approved by foot healthcare professionals and own all the required features.

Then, the UFSP’s podiatrists inspect our shoes during scientific committees and define the proper observance of essential éléments for the child’foot appropriate development, thanks to a list of more than 20 technical criteria. They are also tested in real conditions by children within schools and nurseries.

Muriel MONTENVERT – Podiatrist and UFSP’s chairwoman – answers to your questions in video :

Our different first-steps ranges

Each of our brands - with unique style and personality - has developed its own range of first-steps models :